Significant Savings in Call Costs

Telephone calls over IP data networks while keeping your old numbers and switching local calls over to IP PBX data network.


IP-PBX has many benefits over conventional telephone systems. Upgrade to IP PBX... And harness the benefits...
IP-PBX resides on LAN network. We can add new phones to an existing system via Internet. IP based phones are like PCs and can be moved from one connection to another. IP-PBX has a user friendly GUI and it is easier to configure and install. One can receive and listen messages from his / her email in-box.

Why Us?

Numak is a market leader in IP-PBX space as well as in networking.
Numak will be a Right Choice... Always...
We have experienced engineers and technicians; requirement based solutions; time bound implementation and support. We have tied up with all major IP-PBX vendors and our rates are attractive.

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